Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Faculty Awards

National Awards

Geological Society of America - Geoscience Education Division

Biggs Award for Excellence in Earth Science Teaching
2015 Kyle Gray

University Level Awards

Excellence in Liberal Arts Core Teaching
2013 Kyle Gray
Donald N. McKay Faculty Research Award
2008 John Groves
Regents Award for Faculty Excellence
1997 Wayne Anderson
2000 Timothy Cooney
2003 Siobahn Morgan
College Level Awards
Dean's Award for Excellence in Research
2000 Alan Czarnetzki
2007 John Groves
2010 Mohammad Iqbal
Dean's Award for Excellence in Liberal Arts Core
1992 Tom Hockey
Dean's Award for Excellence in Departmental Programs
1993 Siobahn Morgan
1995 James Walters
2000 Wayne Anderson
2003 John Groves
2009 John Groves
University Book and Supply Teaching Award
1993-1994 Alan Czarnetzki
1995-1996 Siobahn Morgan
2001-2002 John Groves
2010-2011 Chad Heinzel
Other Awards
Veridian Credit Union Community Engagement Award
2006 Alan Czarnetzki
Rebuild Iowa Award For Service
2010 Ken De Nault
Cedar Falls Community Service Award
2004 Ken De Nault
2007 Ken De Nault