Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Degrees in the Earth Science Department

The Department of Earth Science encompasses five curricular disciplines: Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Earth Science Education. Major programs are available for a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as the Bachelor of Science degree.

The B. A. degree in Earth Science is designed as a broad liberal arts major that can build a strong foundation for a variety of career plans. It also provides supportive background and additional career options as a second major for students majoring in other disciplines such as mathematics, computer science, industrial technology, anthropology, geography, biology, chemistry or related areas.
The B. A. degree in Earth Science Teaching is designed to prepare secondary school Earth Science teachers.
The B. A. degree in Environmental Science prepares students for a career in measuring, evaluating and addressing issues related to a variety of environmental problems.  Students can choose to concentrate their work in specific environmental areas, including air quality, water quality and geoscience, or choose a path that incorporates all three.
The B. S. degree in Environmental Science prepares students for an advanced course of study in environmental science, such as a Masters or Ph. D. program.  There are two tracks available for this degree - one with a life science emphasis and one with a earth science emphasis.  Students will be required to take more chemistry courses and calculus, and must complete an independent research project with a faculty member. 
The B. A. degree in Environmental Resource Management is designed for someone who wants to incorporate non-science skills in organization, finance, recreation, or management with
environmental studies.  There are four different tracks for this degree program - ecosystems, environmental compliance, geosciences, and resource administration.

Current Department of Earth Science Majors

In addition to these major programs, there are minors available to students in

  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Earth Science Teaching
  • Geology
  • Air Quality
  • Astronomy