Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth Science Exit Survey

The following survey is for graduating seniors to provide feedback concerning our degree and department.  All responses are optional and all information will be confidential. 

What are your short-term goals, such as over the next year?
What are your long-term goals, such as where do you expect to be in 10 years and what will you be doing?
In your opinion, what are the strengths of this major?
What suggestions do you have for improving this major?
The Earth Science major is relatively unstructured. Do you think the major would be improved by more required courses and fewer electives?
Why did you eventually decide to pursue an Earth Science Major? What influenced your decision?
Why did you decide to come to UNI? What, if anything, influenced your decision?
What are the strengths of the Earth Science department? What can be improved?
Other comments and suggestions.