Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Internships and Field Camps


Earth Science majors have the option of completing an internship program as part of their degree requirement.  Students can not earn more than 6 hours of credit through internship (courses EARTHSCI 3430), and it is available only on a credit/no-credit basis.  Students should consult with their advisor about possible internship opportunities, and check for postings in the student room (LAT 113) and via e-mail from the department.   A formal agreement between the student, internship site supervisor and their academic advisor must be filled out.  Copies of the form and instructions are available here.

Internship positions can be obtained at several nearby locations including -

  • UNI Museum

  • Grout Museum

  • George Wythe State Park

  • Hartman Reserve Nature Center

  • Black Hawk County Park

  • Hickory Hills Park


There is also internship information available at a wide range of state and national sites.  For internship opportunities over a larger region, check the following websites -

Students will need to contact and arrange with a supervisor at the internship site about the specific details for a project to be completed during the semester.  Their faculty internship advisor will be able to provide information about the amount of hours per week required to work and the equivalent academic credits that can be earned. 


Geology Field Camp

Students pursuing a Geology BA or BS degree are required to attend summer geology field camp.  These are provided by other institutions each summer at a variety of sites across the country.  For a comprehensive list of camps follow this link. Field camps must offer a minimum of 6 semester hours of credit to be eligible for the geology degrees at UNI.  Students should apply for field camp as early as possible during their junior or senior year of study.

Before applying for field camp, students should consult with their advisor to determine if they have had the appropriate course work.  Typically students should have completed Introduction to Geology, Earth History, Crystallography, Systematic Mineralogy, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, and Structural Geology.

Upon completion of summer field camp, students will need to arrange to have their credits transferred to UNI.  This can be done through the Registrar's Office.

To be eligible for the Wayne and Jan Anderson Geology Summer Field Camp scholarship, students must complete the UNI Scholarship Application by February 1 before the summer they attend field camp.  Upon successful completion of field camp, students will be eligible to receive the scholarship.