Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Professional Development

Courses with Graduate Credit

 The following are some of the courses available to in-service teachers that are offered with graduate credit.  Unless otherwise stated the courses are offered on-campus.  Some on-campus courses have class size restrictions, and spaces may not be available.  For a current list of all of the courses offered on-campus, see the schedule of classes available at the Registrar's website.  For courses available through Continuing Education, check their list and search for "Earth Science" under departments.  All graduate level courses currently have a number of 5000 or greater.

Spring/Summer 2014 Short Course

Spring 2014 Courses

  • EARTHSCI 5100 - Fundamentals of Astronomy, 4 credits (can be taken on-campus during the times for sections 3 or 4 of EARTHSCI 1100 or online)

  • EARTHSCI 5200 - Fundamentals of Weather, 3 credits (available during on-campus sections of EARTHSCI 1200, or on-line through Continuing Education)

  • EARTHSCI 5230 - Air Quality, 4 credits (on-campus only at the times for EARTHSCI 3230)

  • EARTHSCI 5300 - Fundamentals of Geology, 4 credits (on-campus only during sections of EARTHSCI 1300)

  • EARTHSCI 5350 - Environmental Hydrology, 3 credits (on-campus only, Monday and Wednesday evenings)

  • EARTHSCI 5400 - Topics in Earth Science: Geoarchaeology of the Midwest, 3 credits (on-campus only, Tuesday & Thursday mornings)

  • EARTHSCI 5400 - Topics in Earth Science: Cosmology of Ancient Peoples, 3 credits (on-campus only, Tuesday & Thursday mornings)