Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research Activities in the Department of Earth Science

Dry Creek RunStudents in the Earth Sciences have conducted undergraduate student research at UNI since at least 1969. Undergraduate research is open to all interested and qualified Earth Science students.  Students have worked with faculty in Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Environmental Science, and Earth Science Education; occasionally interdisciplinary research projects are undertaken. Research activities often lead to presentations at professional society meetings and/or publication in refereed journals.  

The undergraduate research experience is important preparation for graduate school as well as an exercise in developing creative thinking and problem solving skills, beneficial traits in future employment. Students have an opportunity to share in the excitement of discovery, learn how to formulate significant questions, collect and interpret data, and evaluate and present the results of their research.  

If you are interested in conducting undergraduate research, a good place to start is to talk with professors in the Earth Science Department about ideas for possible research projects. 

Student Research: Papers that undergraduates have completed over the year as part of their degree requirements.

Student Presentations: Yearly listing of papers that students have presented at local, regional and national conferences.

Faculty Research: Short summaries of the areas of research for all faculty within the department.

Publications: Yearly listing of books and papers published by faculty and students in national and international scholarly journals.