Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Water Quality Research Earns Honors

Sushil Tuladhar and Dr. Mohammad Iqbal

Graduate student Sushil Tuladhar was awarded 3rd place for best Student Poster at the Iowa Water Conference in Ames Iowa, March 2-3, 2015.  Sushil's research is under the guidance of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal and Dr. Andrey Petrov (Geography), and his paper was titled "Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Phosphorous in the Cedar River Watershed of North-East Iowa".  

Sushil's research was also recognized at the UNI Graduate Symposium on April 1, 2015, where he earned 2nd place for Best Oral Presentation ("Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Total Phosphorous in the Cedar River Watershed"), and 1st Place for Best Poster Presentation ("Assessing Vulnerability Mapping of Nitrate Contamination Among the Private Well Owners of Black Hawk County, Iowa").  The latter was co-authored with Junu Shrestha of HPELS.

The research project is part of Dr. Iqbal's grant from the Iowa State University Nutrient Research Grant, and comprises the emphasis for Sushil's M.S. thesis in Geography.  Sushil also is employed as the Hydrology Lab Coordinator for the Department of Earth and Environmental Science.